Esme Top Correction

In the first printing of the Esme pattern, step 5 is a repeat of step 4. Step 5 should read: Lap center front edge of left bib over right bib by 1” and pin. Note: The overlap when looking from the outside will be left over right. When wearing the garment it is right over left.

Reading Pillow Corrections

Oops! There are two corrections for the first printing of the Reading Pillow. (The first printing of the pattern has a white border and the wording is in red. These corrections have been made in the most recent version.):

1.) You will need 2 yards of cotton cording instead of 1-3/4 yards, and you will need to make 2 yards of bias tape instead of 1-3/4 yards.

(Of course, you won't need any of this if you opt to make your pillow WITHOUT the piping, which is also an excellent, time-saving option. Making the pillow without piping also makes it a friendly project for a novice sewist.)

2.) The pattern piece for the Pencil Pocket Accent is slightly short. It should be the same height as the Eyeglasses Pocket Accent piece. Go ahead and cut out the piece 1/2" taller than the pattern piece itself.


Mei Tai Corrections

The second printing of the Mei Tai Baby Carrier (sold May 2009 - November 2009) has an omission of editing: disregard the instruction on the Main Panel pattern piece that says to cut out panels from cotton flannel for lining - the written instructions are correct.


Flora Tunic and Twirly Skirt Corrections

In the first printing of pattern, there is an error in the materials list on the back of the pattern: the yardages are reversed for sizes 4T-5 and 6-10. (The metric conversions are correct). 4T-5 takes 1 1/3 yards and 6-10 takes 1 1/2 yards.