Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. We are also happy to take your credit card order by phone. Call (919) 641-7220. We can only accept payment in US dollars, but you should be able to pay in other currencies using PayPal.

If you prefer not to buy online and you live in the United States, you can send us a check made out to "Sew Liberated" for the cost of your pattern(s) plus $1.00 for shipping ($1.00 extra shipping for each additional pattern). Be sure to include your name, your shipping address, and the names of the patterns you want. Mail to: Sew Liberated, 8918 Millers Bend, Bahama, NC 27503.

What are your shipping policies? We make every effort to ship our patterns from our studio within 2 business days. Arrival times vary by location. We ship to every country, which means we ship to your country. Find more information on our Shipping and Returns Policies page.

What is your return policy? We work hard to make sure you are satisfied with our patterns and our treatment of you. If we make a mistake, we will always make it right. For details on our return policy, see our Shipping and Returns Policies page.

How do you protect my personal and financial information? We have strong safeguards in place to protect your financial information, including strong encryption and conscientious business practices. (We never store your credit card information, for example.) We also never share your personal information with those not involved in fulfilling your order. For more details, see our Privacy Policy.

Can I make items to sell using your sewing patterns? Our patterns are licensed for home and personal use only. We like to help support the following movements: craftivists, WAHMs (work-at-home moms), students, and anyone interested in using their creativity and mad sewing skills to make ends meet. With that we now allow these groups, with our permission to use our patterns. Please email Danica at to request permission.

Can I modify the Emmeline Apron for larger sizes?  Absolutely – it’s really easy. Check out the discussion at the Flickr group for instructions.

Do you have a sizing chart for women's clothes? Yes, the sizing charts are found in the instructions of our patterns. Here is the chart for women:

I don’t sew – can you make me a custom Emmeline Apron?  We can't. But one of our quality Cottage Industry Partners might be able to! You can get a list of licensed sewists of our patterns at our Buy Ready Made page.

Where can I find errata/corrections for the patterns? Any pattern corrections can be found at Updates and Corrections page. You can also find tips from other sewists at our Flickr group page.

Do you offer your patterns for wholesale purchase?  Yes! See our Wholesale page for more information.

I have made something from one of your patterns and would like to share pictures. How can I do this?  Great! First, you will need to get a Flickr account. Then, head on over to the pattern creations group and click on “Join This Group.” Head back to the picture you want to share and click on it so you are seeing the larger version. Click on the gray “Send to Group” button on the top of the photo and add it to the group.

Where do you sell your patterns?  Our patterns are available through this website at our Patterns page, through our Etsy shop, and through many online and local retailers nationally and internationally. For an ever-growing list of retailers that carry my patterns, see our Retailers page.

Where can I find the fabric requirements for your patterns?  On the Patterns page, you are able to see a photo of the backs of the patterns with all of the requirements by clicking on small image to enlarge it. At Etsy, each listing includes a photo of the pattern back as well.

I have a pattern design and I would like to get it published. How do I go about doing that? Yay for you! I would say that you need to start with purchasing and learning how to work with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. Once I have worked out a design with muslin and have the pattern pieces cut out in newsprint, I then make the same shapes in Illustrator and input them into InDesign. The pattern instruction sheets are laid out exclusively in InDesign. I then send PDFs of my pattern sheets/instructions/color fronts to the printer. I use Tri-State Printing Co. in Steubenville, OH. 1000 is the smallest quantity that the printers can run at one time. This is pretty standard - so it's a substantial financial commitment up front. I sold a few patterns as downloadable PDF files first to help defray some of the cost.

Who designed your Web site? We worked with Micah Young, who did a fantastic job. The menu font is ChunkType Regular from