From our Crafty Customers

Here’s just a snippet of the positive feedback we’ve received from our customers. Also, be sure to check out the rave review of the Emmeline Apron pattern (and also of the Lola Apron) at Sew, Mama, Sew!

Schoolhouse Tunic

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Schoolhouse tunic pattern! I bought a sewing machine in April, and have taught myself a few things. I pretty much gave up on the sewing patterns that you can purchase at Joann's because they were so confusing- but I gave your tunic pattern a try and made an amazing dress that I'm wearing..right now! It took two nap times. I love that it's "nursing" friendly...and can even go maternity! ~ Cathy

I purchased your schoolhouse tunic pattern on a whim after shopping with my teenage daughter at Old Navy and becoming so frustrated with the quality and fit of the clothing. I am forty years old and I was starting to feel like the only shopping options were old lady stores like LL Bean. Anything slightly fun or trendy was obviously not cut to be worn on a slightly bulgy and saggy forty year old women. I have never made clothes before in my life and I have only used a pattern once before, so it was with great trepidation that I began to create your school house tunic. I am so happy with the results! My neighbor was stunned! My family is impressed! I feel a new sense of freedom that I no longer have to rely on big box stores that do nothing to please me. Thank you for providing this wonderful pattern! . ~ Emily

Emmeline Apron

I have made your Emmeline apron twice now and am only having one problem: whenever I put on my new Emmeline, my husband won't quit chasing me around the house! I can't get any work done! Any suggestions?? ~ Lisa

Wonderful pattern - extremely well written and very easy to follow! And it makes such a darling apron! I just made one, but I think I'll be making more! ~ Gabrielle

I love a great pattern and this is a great pattern!! ~ Sally

Love this pattern! I appreciate the fact that ALL of the pattern pieces are included and that I don't have to make my own pieces! Thanks! ~ Marcella

Mischievous Gnome Messenger Bag

I just received this pattern and I LOVE IT!!!! I can't wait to make it! The layout and instructions look great! Please, please make more patterns - I will buy them!!! Wonderful design of bag and pattern! There are full pictures inside! One of the best patterns I've seen! Seriously please make more patterns! I love this! ~ Frances

I am so happy with this pattern! The instructions are really detailed and the pattern is made with a more substantial paper than most patterns. ~ Christine

Mei Tai Baby Carrier

Easy to follow and just in time for making two for twins! ~ Virginia

Great pattern – so easy to follow! I love the internal “x” harness component – it makes me feel very secure knowing that my baby’s being held up by much more than just a line of “reinforcement stitching” which is so common in other Mei Tai carriers on the market. ~ Adrienne

Reading Pillow

Love it love it love it! The perfect solution to reading in bed! ~ Crystal

Beautiful pattern and totally useful pattern!  Fabulous instructions and easy to understand. ~ Alexa

Lola Apron

This pattern was very well thought out and well written. I did not get confused for one moment. Because the pattern was put together so thoroughly making it easy to follow, I would also try other patterns by Sew Liberated (formerly Montessori by Hand). I would make this pattern as a gift for my friends and family. ~ Terri on the Sew Mama Sew! blog

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