In the original version of the Arthur Pants, there was a small error in the Center Front piece for SIZE 12. We fixed this on July 20, 2020. Any downloads after that date will contain the corrected version, even for orders placed before then.

If you are not making SIZE 12, this update does not affect you.

If you ARE making SIZE 12 and already printed a pattern piece file that you downloaded before July 20, 2020, not to worry, you do NOT need to reprint. Here’s how to make SIZE 12 without getting tripped up by this little error.

On the Center Front piece, the size 12 line is briefly duplicated. The duplicate line briefly splits off at the crotch-inseam corner. In the images below, the red zig-zag line crosses out the incorrect line. Instead, you should follow the line to the corner indicated by the green arrow.


Here is that same corner, zoomed in. Ignore the crossed-line, and use the corner indicated by the green arrow.


Sorry for the mistake! If you have any doubts or questions, please email us at