Gifts for Makers

A project I hope to finish with the gift of time over the holidays

I can’t speak for all makers, but for me, for the holidays, there is nothing I want more than simply the time to work on my projects.

Time, however, is an intangible thing

It can’t be wrapped in a box or slipped in an envelope. So when people ask me what I want, I almost always ask for tools and supplies to further my creative pursuits. This can look a lot of ways. It can mean a class, a kit, a special tool, or a beautiful sewing supply.

Our course, The Mindful Wardrobe Project is a great gift for the sewists and makers in your life (or to gift yourself!) This course is suitable for beginner to advanced sewists looking to expand their philosophy of sewing and making, and learn how to be intentional and mindful for a more joyful making experience. In The Mindful Wardrobe Project we work together to build a new relationship to our bodies, our clothes, and our creative practice. By using items you have, and encouraging the mindful making of new things as you discover and cultivate your personal style, this course helps students to build a wardrobe to see them through all seasons and weather, and transforms getting dressed each morning from anxiety-inducing to joyful.

Gifts for makers can be small too

Think a set of special stitch markers, or a beautiful new pin cushion. I know sometimes the holidays create a lot of pressure to get the perfect gift. But as makers know, perfection really isn’t the goal (this blog post from Felicia Semple is a good reminder of that.) Creativity and care are the goals, learning new skills is the goal. Existing outside of the cycle of consumerism and disposability is the goal. Any gift, big or small, that aids in the process of making or presents a new way to create is a nice thing to give. Even if that gift is intangible, like accompanying them to the fabric store, or offering to make dinner so they can finish a tubular bind-off, is a nice thing to give.

A Forest Charm Stitch Marker

Below are a few of our favorite maker-y gifts, from small businesses we’re happy to support.

Gifts for Makers

It is easy to get caught up in the hustle of the holiday season. My hope is that gifts that help makers connect with their craft can aid in the slowing down, and remind us all the value of rest and time spent being intentional and mindful, with the ones we love.



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