Hand-Stitching the Nest Sweatshirt

We love so many things about the Nest Sweatshirt, but our favorite thing might be how easy it is to customize it to your taste and make a truly one of a kind piece. One special way some of our testers added a little bit extra to their Nest was with hand stitching. This method adds beautiful texture and helps to secure the seam allowance of the quilt block. To add your own hand stitching just follow this easy tutorial.


  • Hand sewing needle of your choice (embroidery, quilting, or sashiko needles work great) 
  • Mid to Heavy weight thread (pearl cotton, sashiko, or 4 strands of embroidery floss)
  • Small scissors

Decide where you want to add stitching. We recommend echoing the pattern of the block, but if you are feeling adventurous, for an even more quilty look you could trace a design, like diagonal lines or even a baptist fan. 


  1. Begin by cutting a length of thread about as long as your forearm and tying a small knot at the end
  2. Start in a corner of the block, and bring your thread from underneath, taking care to catch both layers
  3. Move your needle about 1/8th of an inch forward, and bring it down from the top, through both layers to the underside. 
  4. Following the line of the block, bring your thread back up, 1/8th and inch forward
  5. Repeat this in and out motion, turning around corners, or along edges
  6. When your thread is growing short tie it off and thread it back through the underside of your stitches, don’t clip it too short. The tail should stay secure in the stitches

And there you have it! This slow, meditative stitching takes a bit of time, but is a relaxing way to finish off your sweatshirt and spend a cozy evening working with your hands.



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  1. It’s really lovely. Since taking the Mindful Wardrobe course earlier this year I have been keeping the clothes that don’t fit me so well but that are either gorgeous colours or lovely fabric -or both- and keeping them in my stash to make something new out of them. This project is such a lovely invitation for a new lease of life.