Me Made May Week 4

Meredith wears a blue fringe dress with pink flowers and brown sandals

Meredith’s Me Made May Week 4

Day 1: Seamwork Penny Dress + Clogs

This dress was a big step forward for me in my sewing practice. With the help of my mom, I learned how to fit a bodice and sew a stand collar. I am so proud of all the skills I gained and of how far I have come as a sewist, and wearing this dress always makes me feel confident. I put it on whenever I need a little extra bravery to take on the week.

Day 2: Otis Overalls + RTW Tank

Though this pair of Otis Overalls was actually made by my mother, this pattern is another that really helped me to up my skills. I’ve made four pairs total, between samples and sew-alongs, and I am glad for the practice. Skills that used to intimidate me, like french and flat-felled seams, are now some of my favorites. Worn over a tank, this pair in Brussels Washer Linen is perfect for summer.

Day 3: Estuary Skirt + Jen Hewett Tee

Jen Hewett is one of my favorite artists, and I was so excited when she made these limited edition screen printed tees. I wear mine any chance I get when it is warm, and I especially love it tied with my Estuary Skirt. The denim color of the linen makes this skirt a perfect substitution for blue jeans, when I want something a little more relaxed and fun.

Day 4: Metamorphic Dress

This Metamorphic Dress was the first Sew Liberated pattern I ever made, and one of the first dresses I made! So it carries a lot of wonderful memories of learning how to sew. I love how versatile it is, not just in being reversible, but in that I can wear it in winter over jeans, and now, on its own. A truly multi-season piece, it might be time for me to sew up another one.

Day 5: Fringe Dress

I am allergic to pollen, so I tend to prefer my flowers in fabric form. While I don’t use quilting cotton too often for garments, I think this pattern and print were a perfect match, and this favorite spring dress was a fitting end to Me Made May.

Meg’s Me Made May Week 4

Day 1: Modified Schoolhouse Tunic + Arthur Pants

This one was the result of a seriously playful outfit audition, which resulted in many fails and a few wins. I know life is getting too busy and I’m getting out of touch with the present moment. Taking a few minutes to “play” in your closet really is an act of mindfulness and self-care. I’m not sure this outfit will get much wear now that the weather is gravitating toward full-blown summer, but this is a fun transition piece, and in line with my 70’s color theme I’ve had going on lately.

Day 2: Strata Top + Winslow Culottes

Some days, when life is does get busy, it’s important to have stand-by outfits that you can grab at a moment’s notice – it really helps when you’re running late (me – always) or packing for a trip, for example. My sandwashed rayon Strata Top has been my go-to for years, and for a good reason! It goes with almost every bottom in my closet.

Day 3: Hinterland Dress

I love a short dress, and I loved this white silk noil Hinterland so much that it started to look grimy. After tying it up and throwing it in a vat of indigo dye, it gained a second life. It may gain a third life soon, as the un-dyed portions are looking a bit worse for the wear. Nothing a full-on dunk in the indigo dye vat can’t fix.

Day 4: Hinterland Dress

This placket-free Hinterland is made out of the same fabric as my Winslow Culottes – Mora slub linen blend. It feels like butter, and dresses up easily with a fun pair of sandals and a straw hat.

Day 5: Hinterland Top + Arthur Pants

Yep, another iteration of the Hinterland Dress, this time as a top. You can find the tutorial here. Because I wouldn’t feel like myself if I didn’t wear my Arthur Pants at least two times a week, here they are again. Also “yet again,” I’m wearing black and rust, which along with ivory, make up the majority of my wardrobe. In making or thrifting new pieces, I stop to consider if I will enjoy wearing the new color with my three go-to colors.


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  1. These are wonderful, and inspirational! After a 25-year lapse in sewing clothes, I decided to resume what had been an enjoyable and productive hobby growing up and lasting into my late-30s.
    I am beginning with the Hinterland dress – short and sleeveless for summer! Put the pattern together after work this evening and am looking forward to working on it this weekend.
    I couldn’t be happier, and I appreciate seeing such beautiful and creative outfits here. Thank you!

  2. i so enjoy reading your emails & blog, thank you. i very much like your modified schoolhouse tunic – any chance you could explain the modifications? i see that you used a jersey. and that the sleeves are 3/4 instead of long. and that the top, middle opening was cut at least in half. any details that i am missing? i would very much like to modified your modified version; i could live in that top! (i live in monterey, california, where we have pretty mild weather year-round).
    thank you for your time.