The New Arenite Pants

We are so excited about the re-release of our Arenite Pants pattern!

Arenite 2.0 has a more inclusive range of sizes, a new knit view, and small fit changes

If you have already begun using the previous version of the Arenite Pants pattern, fear not. Arenite 1.0 is a great pattern, and will give you great results.

When we revisit a design, we make many big and small changes, even to our most well loved, tried and true patterns. Making and designing garments provides lots of opportunities for learning and growth. That’s something we love about sewing, there is always something new to discover, and always a way to make a pattern your own.

Keep in mind that the pattern is the starting point, and any pattern, or any version of a pattern can be altered and hacked to suit your taste and lifestyle, including both versions of the Arenite Pants. If you’d like to continue using Arenite 1.0, but with the fit of 2.0, there are a few easy alterations you can make. 

An Expanded Size Range

The Arenite 2.0 includes two size ranges, 0-24, as in the original – and an expanded range from 22-34.

A special note if you are a size 22 or 24: Sizes 22 and 24 are on both pattern nests, offering the opportunity to choose which fit will suit your body better. The sizes 22-34 nest has an increased amount of crotch length, through the crotch extension (and therefore also the thigh) and increased height of the back waist. This offers a more comfortable fit for a curvy figure, or more wearing ease if you prefer more back coverage. For more fitting questions, contact our expert, Judith, at

Knit View

The Arenite pattern now fully supports knit fabrics, in addition to wovens. We’ve all been basically living in our knit Arenite Pants, counting down the days when we could share this cozy update with you.


The sizing has changed from the previous release of the Arenite pattern, by what ends up equal to one size in circumference. The finished hip circumference of Arenite 2.0 is 2″ (5.1 cm) less than Arenite 1.0, and the finished calf measurement is 1/2″ (1.2 cm) smaller. The rise height has remained the same, though the crotch curve measures slightly shorter due to the reduced ease through the thigh.

If, for example, you made size 20 in Arenite 1.0, you’ll have the same fit with the size 22 in Arenite 2.0 but with a 1/4″ (6 mm) lower waistline.For this reason, if you’d like to continue using your print of Arenite 1.0 to sew with wovens, we recommend going down one full size for the new fit, but keeping the waistline height of your original Arenite 1.0 size.

Both versions have positive ease in the hips and legs, and negative ease in the waistband, for a relaxed, easy fit in both the knit and woven views. View B (for knit fabrics) does have some of its very own pattern pieces, so if you’re ready to take cozy pants to a whole new level, it’s worth the printing!

Whatever view and version you choose, we hope your Arenite Pants will become a wardrobe staple, providing comfort on these stay at home days, and confidence as you go out into the world. Maybe that’s a lot of ask of a pair of pants, but we know that clothing can be transformative, and getting dressed in pieces we love that love us too helps each day to begin with possibility. 


Meg, Judith, & Meredith


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  1. Hello! Love you all so much!!
    I love these Arenite Pants and am ready to make my own for an upcoming Christmas trip. How do I recreate the blue pants in the pattern listing? Which view is it, what type of material, and did you include the ankle cuff? I am 5’7” and usually buy leggings in tall. Should I add length?

    1. Hi Heather! The blue pair is made with a sand-washed rayon. It is the woven view with knit cuffs. As far as if you should add length, I would make a muslin first. Our patterns are drafted for 5’5, but you might not need to add a full two inches. Happy Sewing!