Learn to Sew Your Clothes: Beyond Sewing Basics

Learn to Sew Your Clothes: Beyond Sewing Basics

Make the versatile Studio Tunic

In our online course, Beyond Sewing Basics, we’ll teach you how to sew the Studio Tunic, a fun and functional layering piece that brings some serious art-teacher-chic to your wardrobe.

You’ll learn how to sew French seams, patch pockets, a shaped facing, two neckline views, and more. It’s the perfect project to take you from nervous to confident beginner.

Meg wearing a caramel-colored Studio Tunic

After going over the new skills required, and deciding if you need to make any adjustments, the course guides you through cutting out and sewing your Studio Tunic.

We’ll walk you through every step, teaching you professional techniques peppered with tons of sewing tips, all with a healthy dose of encouragement and wit.

Meg wears a black, sleeveless dress over a colorful handknit sweater. She is sitting next to her sewing machine and holding scissors in her hand.

In this thorough, warm, and supportive online course – designed to feel like a multi-week in-person class – you will make a beautifully-wearable, custom-made, comfy and versatile tunic from the comfort of your own home.

Watch (and re-watch) any time – your course access never expires.

In class, you’ll be using the Studio Tunic PDF pattern, which comes in sizes 0-34 and is included in your enrollment.  The Studio Tunic is a great layering piece for all seasons.

A layering marvel, the Studio Tunic will be your go-to companion with leggings, jeans, over tees or under cropped sweaters. Pop it on as an apron in your art studio or workshop, or simply add it to any outfit, instantly upping your creative vibe.

In class you’ll learn how to sew both the scoop and v-neck options, and you’ll pick up the following skills in a fun, low-pressure way:

Skills learned:

  • Getting into a healthy mindset
  • Choosing your size
  • How to grade between sizes
  • How (and why) to staystitch
  • How to understitch
  • Different kinds of interfacing, and how to work with them
  • Applying shaped neck and armhole facings
  • How to sew pleats
  • How to sew French seams
  • How to sew patch pockets
  • Topstitching skills

This course is part of our Learn to Sew Your Clothes learning path, a series designed to accompany you as you level up your sewing skills.

Hear what our Learn to Sew students are saying:

I want to express how much I am enjoying the Learn to Sew courses. Shaerie is such a clear and fun instructor who answers even the most basic of questions. I learned something new in all the Learn to Sew courses. I also love Judith's super positive support in the chats in the course community.

Stephanie E

I wasn't sure what to expect from the Learn To Sew Your Clothes Course, but already after the first modules I have gotten information that is invaluable. Simple things that as a self-taught sewer no one ever told me. I look forward to going deeper into the course, and with the knowledge I have gained so far to finally being able to work WITH my sewing machine instead of AGAINST it!


Learning how to sew my own clothes has been a longtime goal of mine, but to be honest, I was a bit intimidated by it, and had no idea how to start.

I'm enrolled for the entire sequence of courses. It truly was beginner-friendly. I really appreciate the self-paced video format that included Sophia, also a beginner sewist, learning right along with us.

Thu Ngo

I have tried to learn pattern drafting from books, and have taken pattern drafting courses at community college, but not until Sew Liberated courses have I felt confident that I'm learning the concepts. Honestly, these are absolutely the best courses anywhere! Great designers, great teachers, and great website. You all rock!


I looove your learning how to sew course! When watching the video, I feel like I'm in a room with a couple of friends who are teaching me to sew. When I'm sewing I am just blissed out and so happy to be doing something I've always wanted to do. I am sooo grateful for this opportunity and community and thoughtful teaching. You're not just designing good patterns, you're making sewists!

Kristin Koons

The course is absolutely incredible, and a true labor of love. It SHOWS! My husband is in cinematography, and I was so excited to show him the production value alone - you are doing an amazing job. It's like a masterclass - seriously! I know how much work, coordination, hours and hours of filming and edits, care and attention go into each and every fiber of this course (I work for a company that does online courses.) Please know how magical you have made this for us all.

Melanie T.

The method of instruction - following the trajectory of an instructor teaching an actual student - makes it very easy to follow and understand. And having the community of other people in the class is an added bonus - a place to ask questions and get support. I could not be happier with my experience so far!


For rookies like me, the companion course to the Studio Tunic pattern is essential. The [course's] lighting and camera work are exceptional. The cast is superior: Shaerie is articulate and concise. Sophia is focused and calm. Together they're a congenial team. I learned so much from this excellent video course.


Shaerie is one of the best teachers I have come across, and I have taken A LOT OF CLASSES!


Thanks for all your hard work, loving this platform hidden away from all the ads and gimmicks of social media. I typically tend to be a mostly silent observer on social media and often forget to engage or share, but your platform really makes me want to join in.

Emmiline L.

I can't even tell you how much I have enjoyed your courses! My sister and I did the Studio Tunic together and now we are waiting impatiently for the Hinterland. Thank you so much for all your inspiration!

Lisa Hamilton

I love that the instructions are so clear and detailed and that they are presented in a relaxed and engaging way. Add in the fact that you can ask questions and get feedback from the community and members of the Sew Liberated team and you have the perfect sewing course!


I'm really proud of how far I've come! I'm also so proud of my classmates, whom I've been meeting via Sew Liberated's (non-social-media) groups pages, and it's been so nice to connect with other people who are also experiencing the learning process and sharing their own perspectives and questions.

Thu Ngo

I feel the need to let you know that, while I am not new to sewing, I was never confident enough to sew clothing for myself until I discovered Sew Liberated. You and your crew are the reason I made all of my clothing this summer and discovered an amazing community not only in the Sew Liberated gang but in so many of your suggestions. I am a different sewist these days and I wanted to say thank you!

Sharon DiCrosta

I just took the Beyond Sewing Basics course, which I loved! Shaerie is one of the best teachers I have ever seen and one of the reasons I signed up for the course.


This is a wonderful platform and the community is simply amazing! I am so grateful to be a part of it! I really love the way the lessons have been set up and I'm really loving that I can easily go back to a section and re-watch it just in case I missed something.

Sophia, our Learn to Sew Your Clothes student, sewed her first practice seam ever!

Which Learn to Sew course is right for you?

We have courses for sewists of all levels, from complete beginner to advanced.

Unsure about where to begin? Our simple quiz will find your perfect starting point on Sew Liberated’s Learn to Sew Your Clothes pathway.

Who is it for?

This course is perfect for confident beginner sewists who want to expand their skills. If you have sewn a couple of simpler projects, or taken our Nocturne Pajama classes, this course is a great step for you. It will expand some basic fitting skills, demonstrate how to sew shaped facings, and teach you heirloom finishing techniques.

Ashley showing the front of her amber-colored Studio Tunic.

Your instructor,

Shaerie Mead

Teaching people how to sew their own clothes is Shaerie Mead’s jam, and she’s been doing it for decades.

In addition to being a patternmaker and designer of her clothing line, Iona, she owned the much-loved Sew LA, a workshop space where she taught hundreds and hundreds of folks how to sew.

Shaerie’s clear, detailed, and approachable teaching style will put you at ease and deliver so many “ah-ha!” moments. She really gets how beginners learn, and she’s got your back.

“Shaerie is one of the best teachers I have come across, and I have taken A LOT OF CLASSES!” – Karen

Shaerie is smiling wide, looking straight ahead. She is wearing brown glasses, a hand dyed handkerchief, and a blue top.

Your other instructor,

Meg McElwee

There’s little Meg loves more than bringing mindfulness and a little bit of humor to the practice of sewing.

She brings her background as a progressive educator to the design and back end of the Learn to Sew Your Clothes series, and can’t wait to pop into the lessons here and there to inject her expertise in sewing and creative styling.

Learn more about Meg, the founder of Sew Liberated.

Your fellow student,

Sophia Kiser

You won’t be alone on your journey! You’ll learn by watching upbeat and intrepid Sophia learn to sew.

She’ll ask all the important beginner questions that are on your mind. Thanks to Sophia’s candid learning curve, you’ll realize that everyone makes little mistakes, and it’s ok! Mistakes are simply the way we hone new skills.

You’ll be delighted to observe Sophia blossom as a sewist as the lessons progress, right alongside you.

“I’ve spent hours and hours with Shaerie and Sophia (I have taken every single class!) Sophia has grace, enthusiasm and a wonderful sense of humor.” – Lisa

Sophia is wearing a yellow sweatshirt and looking off to the left with a big smile.

learn to sew with friends

Join over 1500 students who have experienced the warmth and connection of Sew Liberated’s online course communities.

Your course includes membership in our online support group, hosted on our own website. No Facebook necessary!

You’ll love the ability to get answers to all of your questions and post project photos while making new friends who totally get your passion!

Meg and Ashley are wearing deep teal Lichen dusters and are giving each other a hug while they smile at the camera.


Will my course materials expire? Do I get lifetime access?

Yes, with your purchase you get lifetime access to the course videos, other materials, and membership in the private Learn to Sew support group. You also get lifetime access to the downloadable PDF Studio Tunic sewing pattern.

What level of sewist should take this course?

This course, Beyond Sewing Basics, is designed for confident beginner sewists. The videos take you through every step sewing the Studio Tunic, and our course community provides support and feedback as you go.

I haven’t taken the previous courses in the Learn to Sew Your Clothes series. Can I take this one? 

Yes! This course is accessible to confident beginners and intermediate sewists. If you have sewn a few simple garments and know how to use a sewing machine, you should be just fine. In particular, if you want to learn heirloom finishes, this course is for you.

If you are brand new to using a sewing machine we recommend you start with Intro to Sewing or Sewing Basics 1. It could also be helpful to take Sewing Basics 2 to gain a bit of confidence before diving into the Studio Tunic.

When can I start, and how much does it cost? 

You can start right away! The cost is $129, which includes the Studio Tunic PDF sewing pattern and printed pattern pieces shipped to you (there may be an extra shipping fee for those outside the US). This price is similar to what you might pay for a comparable in-person class.

How do I get my pattern sheets?

When you sign up for Beyond Sewing Basics, your printed pattern sheets are included in your course purchase. We will mail your pattern sheets to your door, and you will be able to access your PDF pattern (which includes your instructions) from your My Account page on Sew Liberated’s website. Downloads do not expire.

How do I know if the patterns will fit me? 

We pride ourselves on having an inclusive size range. All of the patterns on the Learn to Sew Your Clothes learning path fit bust measurements up to 58.5” (147 cm), waist measurements up to 52.5” (133 cm) and hip measurements up to 61” (155 cm). We draft for a dressmaker’s C-cup (that’s a 3″ difference between your high bust measurement and your full bust measurement) and a height of 5’5″ (165 cm). The class includes instructions for lengthening and shortening the tunic.

Can I make either view of the Studio Tunic?

Yes, instructions for both neckline views are included in the course.

Have other questions?