Learn to Sew: Sewing with Knits

Make the Limestone Leggings and Top

In Sewing with Knits we will guide you through how to choose the right knit fabric for your project, and the right stitch, and make comfy knit clothes that fit. You don’t need a serger or coverstitch machine for this class. Shaerie will help you learn the stitch settings that are strong enough for stretchy fabrics (no wardrobe malfunctions here!) and show you how to sew straight seams even on squishy knits. If you have felt intimidated or even afraid of sewing with knits, if you have had weepy moments of your machine eating your soft jersey and you can’t figure out why, this class is for you. Leave the tears behind and embrace comfort and ease in Sewing with Knits.

In Sewing with Knits you will learn all about the types of knit fabrics, which stitches to use for seaming and finishing, how to fit with negative ease, and sew a pair of leggings and coordinating top perfect for lounging, travel, or working out, all depending on what knit fabric you choose. We will teach you, step by step, from cutting to hemming, how to sew your project. You will receive expert instruction as well as community support in our course forums.

Starting with the top, a great introduction to knits, and them moving on to the leggings to up your skills, this course will take you through the techniques involved in sewing knits, included several ways to hem, applying knit bias binding, inserting elastic, and more. Throughout this course you will discover that knits are easier to fit, comfier to wear, and perfect for making clothes for kids. They are quick to sew and easy to slide into any wardrobe.

Skills learned:

  • Types of knit fabric and how to choose one
  • Fitting with negative ease
  • Cutting out using a rotary cutter
  • Machine stitches for sewing knits
  • Hemming and finishing knits
  • Inserting elastic in a waistband
  • Inserting elastice in necklines, armscye, and ribcage