Otis Sewalong

Together with the Otis Overalls sewing pattern, we are releasing a 5-day video sewalong to help you create your own whimsical overalls.

Otis Overalls Sew Along: DAY ONE

Begin your Otis Overalls Sew Along with all the prep work, from readying the straps and waist ties, to prepping the front and back pockets in this first video.

Otis Overalls Sew Along:  DAY TWO

Day two tackles the trickiest, but most fun bit: the fully finished inseam pockets! Take your time with these steps, and be amazed at the professional, beautiful finish you achieve.

Otis Overalls Sew Along: DAY THREE

From here flat felling is the way forward! Follow along and flat fell the front and back crotch seams and inseam. Day Three also covers assembling and attaching the cuffs and assembling the front and back bibs and facings.

Otis Overalls Sew Along: DAY FOUR

We’re almost there! Day Four covers attaching the straps and bib facings, sewing the back channel, and inserting the waist ties.

Otis Overalls Sew Along: DAY FIVE

Just sewing and flat felling the waist seam to go! Day Five also discusses the finishing steps, like hand sewing the facings down and topstitching the front pocket in place. Congratulations! You’ve finished your Otis Overalls!