Intro to Sewing


This is a course for anyone interested in learning how to operate a sewing machine, understand basic tools, properly set up your sewing space, and work with fabric and sewing patterns.

Dip your toes into the world of sewing without the pressure of a big project.


what you’ll learn

Learn to Sew Your Clothes: a Project-based Journey

Intro to Sewing

Price: $79, which includes 6 hours of video instruction and lifetime membership in the Learn to Sew online support group.

Get to Know Your Sewing Machine

What kind of machine should I get? How do I use it? What in the world is a bobbin? And how do I troubleshoot wonky stitching and jumbled-up thread? You’ll know all these answers and more by the end of this module – you’ll be a competent sewing machine operator!

Your Basic Sewing Toolkit

A list of every tool and supply you’ll need to begin, as well as why you’ll need them.

Tips for Setting Up Your Sewing Space

Tour Meg’s beautiful home sewing studio and learn how she creates a cozy environment that is both useful and peaceful – no matter the size of your space. 

All About Fabric

What’s the difference between wovens, knits, rayons, linens, cottons, etc.? What type should I look for? By the end of our virtual field trip to Mulberry Silks in Carrboro, North Carolina, you’ll feel confident in your ability to choose the right fabric for your first project.

How to Use Sewing Patterns

Learn how to read a sewing pattern info sheet, how to take your measurements and choose your size, how to cut your pattern sheets, and much more.

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