Limestone Leggings and Top Pattern


The Limestone Leggings and Top is a fun and functional knit set perfect for layering, lounging and moving.

This is a PDF sewing pattern, available to download immediately after purchase.


The Limestone Leggings and Top are knit foundation pieces for every season.

With multiple views and leg lengths, the Limestone leggings are an activewear workhorse for many activities. The curved pockets provide a playful and practical element while the contoured waistband and carefully placed seams support comfortable movement and fun color-blocking potential. The pattern also features a crotch gusset for ease of movement and increased comfort due to the reduction of bulky seams.

The Limestone Top is a super quick sew. Choose between high-back and scooped-back views; both look great under a Studio Tunic, Otis Overalls, or Penny Pinafore in warm weather. Adding the optional wide elastic band transforms it into an easy sports bra.

Limestone Leggings line drawing, back view



This pattern is suitable for confident beginners or intermediate sewists new to working with knit fabrics.

If you want to learn all the tips and trick for sewing with knit fabrics, we have an accompanying Learn to Sew course, Sewing With Knits: The Limestone Set, which includes this pattern. The course is part of our Learn to Sew Your Clothes learning path.

Want to ice-dye your Limestone Leggings and Top? Check out our free mini course with Shaerie!

This is a PDF sewing pattern, available to download immediately after purchase. (What is a PDF pattern?)

Looking for tips on how to style the Limestone Leggings and Top? We made a styling video!

Limestone Set Styling Video

Your Measurements

Drafted for a height of 5’5” (165 cm) and a C-cup.

High Bust28293031323334.53637.539.541.543.545.547.549.551.553.555.5
High Bust717476798184889195100105110116121126131136141

Finished Garment Measurements

Finished measurements for Sizes 22 and 24 are taken on the 22-34 nest.

Limestone Top Finished Measurements

Hem Circumference23-1/224-1/225-1/226-1/227-1/228-1/23031-5/833-1/835-1/837-1/837-5/839-5/841-5/843-5/845-5/847-5/849-5/8
Front Length*13-3/813-5/813-7/814-1/814-3/814-5/814-7/815-1/815-3/815-5/815-7/816-1/416-1/216-3/41717-1/417-1/217-1/4
Back Length*12-1/212-3/41313-1/413-1/213-3/41414-1/414-1/214-3/41515-5/815-7/816-1/816-3/816-5/816-7/817-1/8

Hem Circumference59.5626567.57072.57680.5848994.595.5100.5105.5111116121126
Front Length*3434.5353636.5373838.53939.540.541.54242.5434444.544
Back Length*3232.53333.534.53535.5363737.53839.540.54141.5424343.5

* Front and Back Length are measured from high point of the shoulder to the hem.

Limestone Leggings Finished Measurements

Front Rise***7-1/47-1/27-3/488-1/48-1/28-3/499-1/49-1/29-7/810-1/810-3/810-5/81111-1/411-1/211-3/4
Back Rise***13-1/813-1/213-7/814-1/414-1/214-7/815-1/415-5/81616-1/21717-3/817-7/818-3/818-3/419-1/419-3/420-1/4
Inseam – Shorty3
Inseam – Bike8
Inseam – Capri22
Leg Opening View A 28″7-1/47-1/27-3/488-1/48-1/28-3/499-1/49-1/29-3/41010-1/410-1/210-3/41111-1/411-1/2
Leg Opening View A 30″6-3/477-1/47-1/27-3/488-1/48-1/28-3/499-1/49-1/29-3/41010-1/410-1/210-3/411
Leg Opening View B 28″ Cuff7-1/47-1/27-3/488-1/48-1/28-3/499-1/49-1/29-3/41010-1/210-3/41111-1/411-1/211-3/4
Leg Opening View B 30″ Cuff6-3/477-1/47-1/27-3/488-1/48-1/28-3/499-1/49-1/29-3/41010-1/410-1/210-3/411
Leg Opening Capri (Calf)8-7/89-1/89-3/89-5/89-7/810-1/810-3/810-5/81111-1/411-1/211-7/812-5/812-7/813-1/813-1/213-3/414

Front Rise***18.51919.520.52121.5222323.5242525.526.5272828.52930
Back Rise***33.534.535.536373838.539.540.542434445.546.547.5495051.5
Inseam – Shorty7.5
Inseam – Bike20.5
Inseam – Capri56
Leg Opening View A 28″18.51919.520.52121.5222323.5242525.52626.527.52828.529
Leg Opening View A 30″171818.51919.520.52121.5222323.5242525.52626.527.528
Leg Opening View B 28″ Cuff18.51919.520.52121.5222323.5242525.526.527.52828.52930
Leg Opening View B 30″ Cuff171818.51919.520.52121.5222323.5242525.52626.527.528
Leg Opening Capri (Calf)22.5232424.52525.526.5272828.529.5303232.533.5343535.5

** For the Hip: Sizes 0-20 are measured 7” (17.8 cm) below the finished waist edge. Sizes 22-34 are measured 8” (20.3 cm) below the finished waist edge.

*** The Front and Back Rise are measured from crotch to finished waist edge.

Fabric and materials recommendations

We recommend using medium- to heavy- weight knit fabrics with 50% stretch and a strong recovery. Our ice dyed and black sets are made with heavy organic cotton jersey, available at EWE Fine Fiber Goods. We recommend this fabric if you want to workout in your Limestone.

Performance knits would also be a great choice for this pattern.

Sophia and Meg’s color-blocked sets are made with Birch Organic Interlock Knit. This is a great beginner fabric with a beautiful palette. It is a good choice if you are planning to use your set for lounging and relaxing. A very similar fabric, available from EWE Fibers, is this Hudson Tencel jersey.

You can find fabric, notions, ice-dyeing supplies, and get your pattern printed at EWE Fine Fiber Goods.

Fabric Requirements

Limestone Leggings View A Fabric Requirements

 Sizes 0-24Sizes 26-34
30″1.8 yd (1.7 m)2.4 yd (2.2 m)
28″1.75 yd (1.6 m)2.4 yd (2.2 m)
Capri1.6 yd (1.5 m)2.2 yd (2 m)
8″ Short1.2 yd (1.1 m)1.7 yd (1.6 m)

Limestone Leggings View B (Cuff) Fabric Requirements

 Sizes 0-24Sizes 26-34
30″1.9 yd (1.7 m)2.5 yd (2.25 m)
28″1.8 yd (1.7 m)2.4 yd (2.2 m)

Limestone Leggings View C (Shortie) Fabric Requirements

Sizes 0-16Sizes 18-24Sizes 26-34
0.8 yd (0.75 m)1 yd (0.9 m)1.2 yd (1.1 m)

Limestone Top Fabric Requirements (All Views)

Sizes 0-24Sizes 26-34
0.5 yd (0.5 m)0.6 yd (0.5 m)

Other Materials

  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Fabric marking tool of your choice
  • Stretch needle for your sewing machine

Top Notions: stretch machine needle, polyester thread, 1-1/2” elastic for view B, optional 1/4” (6 mm) elastic
Leggings Notions: stretch machine needle, polyester thread, 1/4” (6 mm) elastic

Fabric Type



Companion course available



Size Range

0-20, 0-24, 26-34

Skill Level

Confident Beginner, Intermediate

Garment Type


Styling the Limestone Leggings and Top

We recorded a video and wrote a blog post to help you style your Limestone Leggings and Top.

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