Who is behind Sew Liberated?

Meg McElwee Family

Meg and Patrick McElwee own and run Sew Liberated together with a fantastic team. Meg McElwee is a designer, author, former Montessori teacher, and - most importantly - Mama to her sweet little boys. With the help of her husband, Patrick, she runs Sew Liberated from their home studio in North Carolina.

Recently, the Sew Liberated team has grown to include Danica Willig, a fabulous textile artist and designer, who keeps us running day to day, Kim Ventura, a talented seamstress and technical writer,and Brigitta Dewell, our illustrators. If you have a question about a pattern or need some sewing help, please be in touch with Kim, and if you have other questions, including about an order you placed, Danica will help you out.

Thank you to Jessica Blakely for much of the wonderful photography on our site.  


More About Us

From Meg:

Sew Liberated is a name that I chose because of its many layers of meaning and many possibilities of interpretation. For me, Sew Liberated is a way of looking at craft that is, at once, traditional and completely modern. Depending on who you are and your own preferences, you can find solace in the "traditional crafts" either as a return to a slower lifestyle, or as a fist-held-high statement of non-conformism with today's commercial culture. Personally? I identify with both reasons and don't see them as mutually exclusive. In addition, Sew Liberated touches on the personal fulfillment we experience when we create. I know that I get such a rush when I conceive of and bring to life a project, and I'm sure you feel the same way.

Other questions?

Check out our FAQ page. If your question isn't answered there, please feel free to contact us.