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Uncover and celebrate your hidden creative strengths, understand your roadblocks, and get personalized guidance on your sewing journey.

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Ashley, Meg and Pam smile together wearing Lichen Dusters


Our classes give you the technical skills to up your sewing and wardrobe game, WHILE ALSO supporting you in developing a nurturing mindset that benefits your overall mental health, not just your craft.

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Rediscover your inner fire and be encouraged to bravely step into the world to shine your light. It all starts by dressing yourself with intention.

In this course, you’ll define your style, curate your closet and craft a wardrobe sewing plan … and so much more.

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Peruse our top-notch online sewing courses for complete beginners through intermediate sewists.

Our project-based classes give you the skills and confidence to build your unique and comfortable wardrobe, one fun garment at a time!

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Learn to bring your creative vision to life and hack any sewing pattern! In this one-of-a-kind course, we’ll teach you foundational patternmaking skills by walking you through 12 mouthwatering hacks of the Hinterland Dress.

For intermediate to advanced sewists. 


I can’t even accurately express how your Mindful Wardrobe class changed my life.

As I read through it, *I* was in the gray phase. No idea who I was. I was the baby feeder, up in the middler of the night-er, the sitting on the floor like a zombie surrounded by laundry-er. For YEARS. Your course is what started me on the journey of finding out who *I* was (not what I’m being marketed) and then making clothes to fit THAT. I’m so glad I was able to purchase it outright and own it forever.

Thank you, Meg, for all you’ve done.

Jessie Love

Earlier this week I finished the Nest sweatshirt, my first Sew Liberated project, and I just wanted to say how wonderful the complete experience was for me.

I finally felt a true love for sewing, instead of a mild frustration which always accompanied my sewing. your pattern was so clear, so well written, and the sweatshirt was so unbelievably original that everything just felt perfect and right, and that is absolutely thanks to you.

Yay for indie pattern makers!


I wasn't sure what to expect from the Learn To Sew Your Clothes Course, but already after the first modules I have gotten information that is invaluable. Simple things that as a self-taught sewer no one ever told me. I look forward to going deeper into the course, and with the knowledge I have gained so far to finally being able to work WITH my sewing machine instead of AGAINST it!

Ann V.

The Hinterland Dress is my favorite pattern ever. I think I've made 20 or 30 versions so far. It was worth WAY more than I paid for it. It's still my favorite dress to make and my favorite dress to wear. The Hinterland is kind of my uniform! I just wear Hinterland Dresses and my sneakers and I'm ready for the day.


The Hinterland Dress was my first foray into fitting my upper body, though I've been sewing for 50 years. I worked with the FABULOUS Judith to make the necessary alterations and I now feel confident to move forward with Hinterland hacks. It's a great pattern to use as a blank canvas for all sorts of outfits.


I want to express how much I am enjoying the Learn to Sew courses. Shaerie is such a clear and fun instructor who answers even the most basic of questions. I learned something new in all the Learn to Sew courses. I also love Judith's super positive support in the chats in the course community.

Stephanie E

an iconic handmade dress

Our much-loved closet staple, the Hinterland Dress, has been sewn by over 12,000 sewists, who revel in its simplicity and versatility.

A sewing bestseller

When we released the Hinterland Dress pattern, we had no idea that it was going to spread so far, all via word-of-mouth.

Grab your pattern and join in!

The Hinterland Dress is available up to a 58.5” (147 cm) bust and a 61” (155 cm) hip. The pattern includes 3/4-sleeve, short sleeve, and sleeveless options, as well as full-placket, half-placket, and placket-free options.

I’m Meg, and I passionately believe that what you put on your body matters.

Your clothing choices affect your mood, which affects your thoughts, which make you … well, YOU.

I want you to dress yourself with intention. To clothe yourself in lovingly-made, well-fitting treasures. To dress how you want to FEEL.

I didn’t always have this clarity surrounding my wardrobe. Learn more about how my son’s devastating diagnosis shaped me into the confident and purpose-filled sewist I am today.

Meg holding a stack of fabric in an oustretched arm.

You want to love your wardrobe. You want the joy of making something beautiful.

But, let’s be honest, that long list of potential projects can be OVERWHELMING, making you feel anxious rather than joyful.

I’ve developed a Guide to Holding Time for Creativity where I show you a path to slowing down, finding mental space, and turning your sewing into a practice of self-care.