The Hinterland Dress Pattern and Courses

an iconic handmade dress

Our much-loved closet staple, the Hinterland Dress, has been sewn by over 12,000 sewists, who revel in its simplicity and versatility.

A sewing bestseller

When we released the Hinterland Dress pattern, we had no idea that it was going to spread so far, all via word-of-mouth.

Grab your pattern and join in!

The Hinterland Dress is available up to a 58.5” (147 cm) bust and a 61” (155 cm) hip. The pattern includes 3/4-sleeve, short sleeve, and sleeveless options, as well as full-placket, half-placket, and placket-free options.

Watch the story behind the Hinterland Dress

Because the Hinterland Dress pattern is an ideal canvas to use as you deepen your creative sewing skills, we have developed TWO sewing courses based on it. These online courses work in tandem to ensure everyone can take their creative sewing as far as they want.

Learn to Sew Your Clothes: Fit and Sew Bodices with the Hinterland Dress

An online course for beginning to intermediate sewists who want help with bodice fitting, as well as those looking for expert guidance while sewing a Hinterland Dress.

Take the overwhelm out of making a beautifully fitted dress while learning skills you can apply to any pattern.

The Creative Hinterland: Patternmaking for Mindful Sewists course logo

Learn how to bring your creative vision to life and hack any sewing pattern! In this one-of-a-kind online course, we’ll teach you foundational patternmaking skills by walking you through 12 mouthwatering hacks of the Hinterland Dress.

For intermediate to advanced sewists. 

Listen to what your fellow sewists love about the Hinterland


The Hinterland Dress is my favorite pattern ever. I think I've made 20 or 30 versions so far. It was worth WAY more than I paid for it. It's still my favorite dress to make and my favorite dress to wear. The Hinterland is kind of my uniform! I just wear Hinterland Dresses and my sneakers and I'm ready for the day.


I really really love this pattern. I've made so many, I've lost track. I have more Hinterland Dress ideas that I'd like to make and I'd love to participate in the Creative Hinterland hacking course!


The Hinterland Dress was my first foray into fitting my upper body, though I've been sewing for 50 years. I worked with the FABULOUS Judith to make the necessary alterations and I now feel confident to move forward with Hinterland hacks. It's a great pattern to use as a blank canvas for all sorts of outfits.


I couldn't be happier with my Hinterland Dress! 1st, the instructions are awesome, 2nd it has pockets, 3rd the fit is great! I'm looking forward to sewing a winter version with flannel fabric and long sleeves! And very eager to sewing other patterns from Sew Liberated.

Eleni ManaKori

I love making the Hinterland because it's simple and comfortable and you can wear it all the time. It's the perfect dress for many occasions.


The Hinterland Dress is EVERYTHING in my wardrobe. I wear my Hinterlands all year round here in Australia.

I'm looking forward to sewing a Lichen duster for next autumn/winter so I can wear it over my Hinterlands with tights. Minimal effort but so lovely (and comfy!)

Cover of the Hinterland Dress Fitting Guide

Our illustrated guide walks you through diagnosing and making pattern changes for 26 common fit adjustments, so all your Hinterlands will fit perfectly.

What’s more – our guide will provide you with the knowledge to fit ANY darted woven bodice!

This Guide is from the first module of our Creative Hinterland pattern making course, giving you a taste of what that class has to offer.

Looking for more help? Our Learn to Fit and Sew Bodices class provides detailed fitting instruction, as well as a complete Hinterland sew-along.

Styling your Hinterland Dress

In this video, Meg and Meredith walk you through their favorite ways to style the Hinterland Dress, no matter the weather.

Community Makes

We love seeing your creative interpretations of the Hinterland Dress. Join over 12,000 sewists and add your photos to social media using the hashtag #hinterlanddress!

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