Sylvan Jacket Pattern

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The mid-weight Sylvan Jacket is the ultimate chore coat/grandpa cardigan mashup, featuring 12 mix-and-match pocket options. A casual, functional jacket with a vintage academia vibe, the Sylvan is your go-to layering companion in the art studio, at a used book shop on Main Street, or browsing your well-curated vinyl collection.

With a fabulously easy fit that layers gorgeously with your hand-knit accessories and sweaters, Sylvan can be made in two lengths, with the option of adding underlining and details like button tabs and a loop hanger.

This is a PDF sewing pattern, available to download immediately after purchase.


The Sylvan Jacket can be underlined for additional warmth (or just for the chance to use a playful lining!), while the facing edges keep construction simple and workwear-level durable. An additional length option adds even more cozy-fication potential. Optional button tabs at the wrists and waist allow for a versatile fit.

Each pocket can be placed where you’d like, and are easy to place and attach. Your pockets can match from left to right, or not, depending on what you want! There are simple pockets and skill-builders, so as you develop your Sylvan Jacket plan, you can strategically choose pockets to up your sewing skills or fit your specific pocket-filling needs. Pay attention to the pocket names — our team has named pockets sized for our favorite features or must-carrys. The pocket instructions are separated by pocket, so you can mix and match with ease!

The Sylvan Jacket can be made as a regular, hip-length jacket.
Line drawing of a Regular-Length Sylvan Jacket Sewing Pattern
Line drawing of a Long-Length Sylvan Jacket Sewing Pattern
The Sylvan Jacket can also be made as a long, mid-thigh-length jacket.
There are many pocket options.
Line drawings of the pocket options for the Sylvan Jacket Sewing Pattern

Sylvan Jacket croquis

The Sylvan Jacket is suitable for intermediate sewists.

The Sylvan Jacket sewing pattern includes pattern piece PDFs for printing at home or a print shop, in sizes 0-34. The print-at-home files can be printed on letter- or A4-size paper. The print-shop files can be printed on A0-size paper, easily available at most print shops.

The Sylvan Jacket pattern also includes projector files for those who have a sewing projector setup.

This is a PDF sewing pattern, available to download immediately after purchase. (What is a PDF pattern?)

Your Measurements (Sizing Chart)

Standard height of 5’5” (165 cm), dressmaker’s cup size C.


Meg is 5’3 with a 34″ bust and 36.5″ hips. She wears a size 4. Meredith is 5’4 with a 34″ bust and 35″ hips. She wears a size 4. Ashley is 5’10 with a 49.5″ bust and 57″ hips. She wears a size 30. 

Fabric Recommendations

We recommend a medium- to heavy-weight woven fabric that has no stretch. The drape or hand of the fabric will impact the look of the final garment — softer fabrics will fall more gently, and more stable fabrics like canvas will emphasize the utility look. Some wonderful choices are canvas, denim, and twill. Lighter fabrics will produce an almost overshirt-like feel, while heavier fabrics will enhance the jacket’s outerwear vibe.

Recommended fabrics are opaque, and range in weight from 7 oz to 12 oz (240 – 400 GSM).

Lining may be added in the form of underlining. Choose a fabric that is not too bulky, and that will slide with ease over the layers that you wear underneath. Excellent options are cotton lawn, a stable cotton like shirting, rayon challis, and even quilting cotton. You could line the Sylvan jacket with flannel, but be aware that it doesn’t slide over sleeves very easily! A bulky or quilted lining is not recommended.

Our friends at EWE Fine Fibers have a collection of fabric and notions for the Sylvan Jacket. 

Meg’s red Sylvan is a fine wale corduroy. Ashley’s is a mid-weight denim. Meredith’s are both Big Sur Canvas. 

Fabric requirements

NOTE: The pockets can be fit into the gaps in lots of areas, so the requirements include enough fabric for two big and a few smaller pockets. If you’re going to go wild with pockets, add another half-yard to give yourself room for creativity.

Main Fabric

 45” (114 cm) wide fabric54” (137 cm) wide fabric
Regular Length Jacket4 yd (3.7 m) *3 yd (2.75 m) *
Long Length Jacket4.5 yd (4.2 m) *3.5 yd (3.2 m) *

* sleeves must be cut with a single layer layout

Optional Underlining Fabric

 45” (114 cm) wide fabric54” (137 cm) wide fabric
Regular Length Jacket3.6 yd (3.3 m)2.7 yd (2.5 m)
Long Length Jacket4.1 yd (3.75 m)3.2 yd (3 m)


  • 1.3 yd (1.2 m) of lightweight fusible interfacing, either woven or non-woven. (An average width of interfacing is 20” (0.5 m).) You could also use 1” wide fusible interfacing tape – you’d need 2 yd (2 m).
  • 3/4″ (1.9 cm) Buttons: 5 to 9, more if you’ll be using buttons on pocket flaps or button tabs.
  • for Patrick’s Pocket: the zipper pocket: a #3 zipper of 5.5” (14 cm) or longer

Finished Measurements for the Sylvan Jacket

The pattern is drafted for a height of 5’5″ (165 cm).

* Front lengths measured from the high point of the shoulder to hem.

Bust38 1⁄839 1⁄840 1⁄841 1⁄842 1⁄843 1⁄844 5⁄846 1⁄847 5⁄849 5⁄851 5⁄853 5⁄855 5⁄857 5⁄859 5⁄861 5⁄863 5⁄865 5⁄8
Waist38394041424344 1⁄24647 1⁄249 1⁄251 1⁄253 1⁄255 1⁄257 1⁄259 1⁄261 1⁄263 1⁄265 1⁄2
Hem (Reg)40 3⁄441 3⁄442 3⁄443 3⁄444 3⁄445 3⁄447 1⁄448 3⁄450 1⁄452 1⁄454 1⁄456 1⁄458 1⁄460 1⁄462 1⁄464 1⁄466 1⁄468 1⁄4
Hem (Long)42434445464748 1⁄25051 1⁄253 1⁄255 1⁄257 1⁄259 1⁄261 1⁄263 1⁄265 1⁄267 1⁄269 1⁄2
Bicep15 1⁄415 3⁄416 1⁄816 5⁄81717 1⁄217 7⁄818 3⁄818 7⁄819 4⁄82021 1⁄222 1⁄822 3⁄423 3⁄82424 5⁄825 1⁄4
Front Length (Reg)*24 1⁄424 1⁄224 7⁄825 1⁄425 1⁄225 3⁄426 1⁄826 1⁄226 3⁄42727 3⁄827 3⁄42828 1⁄428 5⁄82929 1⁄429 5⁄8
Front Length (Long)*39 1⁄439 1⁄239 3⁄44040 1⁄440 1⁄236 1⁄84141 1⁄441 1⁄241 3⁄44242 1⁄442 1⁄242 3⁄44343 1⁄443 1⁄2
Sleeve Length2323 1⁄823 1⁄423 1⁄223 5⁄823 3⁄423 7⁄82424 1⁄424 3⁄824 1⁄224 5⁄824 3⁄42525 1⁄825 1⁄425 3⁄825 1⁄2
Hem (Reg)103.5106108.5111113.5116120124127.5132.5138143148153158163168.5173.5
Hem (Long)106.5109112114.5117119.5123127131136141146151156161.5166.5171.5176.5
Front Length (Reg)*61.562.563646565.566.5676868.569.570.5717272.573.574.575
Front Length (Long)*99.5100.5101101.510210392104105105.5106106.5107.5108108.5109110110.5
Sleeve Length58.5595959.56060.560.56161.5626262.56363.5646464.565

Sylvan Jacket Resources

Check out the Sew Liberated blog for a guide to fitting your Sylvan Jacket. We also have tips about choosing fabric, a hack for using thicker Jacquard fabrics, and a post all about pocket placement.

You can get your pattern pieces printed and find a curated collection of fabrics and notions from our friends at EWE Fine Fibers.

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