The Mindful Wardrobe Project

learn to build a sustainable closet you love

clothe yourself authentically

with less stress

In this online course, learn to craft a sustainable wardrobe that holds meaning for you and empowers you to show up in the world as your true self.

Do you want to love your clothes – whether handmade, thrifted, or store bought?

The Mindful Wardrobe project helps you feel good about your clothes by guiding you through a step-by-step path to define your style, curate your closet, and craft a wardrobe plan.

more than a style course

We don’t just come up with a “capsule wardrobe” and call it a day. The Mindful Wardobe Project anchors you in creative slow fashion practices that are healthy, not just for you, but for the Earth and its people.

Meg McElwee, creator of the Mindful Wardrobe Project

align your closet
and your values


in this online course

you’ll learn:

– How to dismantle body shame, and step into your unique beauty and power.

Essential styling secrets that will transform how you feel in your clothes.

– Clear, actionable steps to make your sewing and your closet more eco-friendly, including thrifting, mending, and fabric care guides.

– How to curate your wardrobe and compose outfits based on your personality, lifestyle, and preferred silhouettes.

– One year of personalized fitting support so you can adjust any sewing pattern to work for your body.

who you’ll learn from

Meg McElwee is the author & designer behind Sew Liberated. For over 15 years, her sewing patterns have helped women feel amazing in their clothes.

Meg has a deep commitment to sustainable living and body positivity. She combined these passions with her background in philosophy, art, and education to create The Mindful Wardrobe Project, a transformative course in creative, slow fashion.

Meg loves clothes, sure … but she sees them as more than a public statement. Getting dressed, for her, is a radical act of love (& art) with a profound ripple effect.

Meg McElwee, creator of the Mindful Wardrobe Project

“The act of sewing should be, at its root, an act of resistance to fast fashion. They say fast, we say slow. They say more, we say less. They say perfection, we say process. They say competition, we say community.”

Meg McElwee, creator of the Mindful Wardrobe Project

Style is not something you can buy at a store. It is deeply personal, introspective, and creative.

We’ll help you define and refine your unique style, making it both easier and more fun to get dressed!

The Mindful Wardrobe course includes:

  • Over 5 hours of video instruction, also available in audio format
  • A digital reference book of 200+ warm and cold outfit ideas, featuring diverse sewing patterns and body shapes
  • Guides for sourcing the best fabrics, online thrift and vintage shops, slow fashion brands, as well as how to to consign online
  • Lessons to figure out your design parameters: color, texture, climate, & lifestyle
  • Seasonal wardrobe checklists
  • All about accessories, undergarments, and loungewear
  • Support as you edit and organize your closet, and lessons on maintaining and optimizing your sustainable wardrobe.

You present it so well. I loved the videos, and the written transcripts that I can take my time with.

I deeply appreciate the caring environmental emphasis. The styling section, and library of outfits and silhouettes is great. And the sewing and fabric selection information addressed many of the problems I’ve had in the past. It’s especially great to get ongoing help with fitting.

Anna N.

Since 2019 posting on the Mindful Wardrobe Project has been such a fun way of meeting other makers. I love sharing and posting on daily outfits, projects and thoughts on making. This is such a joyful and kind community. I'm so grateful for the course, community and fitting advice on the Mindful Wardrobe Project, thank you!

Liz Burrati

The Mindful Wardrobe Project has helped me define for myself what clothes I want to wear and encouraged me to play with the clothes I already own to put together new favorite outfits. I have gained confidence in wearing my own clothing choices without worrying whether they are “in style.” The online community has been lovely for chatting with others with similar wardrobe goals but unique personal styles, and the opportunity to ask sewing and fitting questions has been so helpful.

Angie S

I can’t even accurately express how your Mindful Wardrobe class changed my life.

As I read through it, *I* was in the gray phase. No idea who I was. I was the baby feeder, up in the middler of the night-er, the sitting on the floor like a zombie surrounded by laundry-er. For YEARS. Your course is what started me on the journey of finding out who *I* was (not what I’m being marketed) and then making clothes to fit THAT. I’m so glad I was able to purchase it outright and own it forever.

Thank you, Meg, for all you’ve done.

Jessie Love

The class with Meg totally changed my view of clothing. The exercises she used to walk us through finding our style were eye-opening and left me inspired to continue the journey.

Wait til you see me next time — my personal style will be rock-star!

Rita Herrmann

Your course was transformative, absolutely life changing!

I’ve made so much more space in my heart and my house for sewing. I’ve got a wardrobe of 15 pieces planned, colors and fabrics in mind, a pile of decent goodwill fabric for making a first draft, taped and cut out a few of my patterns, and I’ve made two pieces so far.

This is a lot considering I’m a momma of five! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Rebecca Basile

we do it all in community

Join over 1000 students who have experienced the Mindful Wardrobe Project as not only a powerful personal journey, but a communal healing experience as well. You will rediscover your inner fire and be encouraged to bravely step into the world to shine your light. It all starts by dressing yourself with intention.

Each session includes access to the Mindful Wardrobe Community, hosted on our own website (no Facebook necessary!) You will make new friends and feel the constant support from Meg and the Sew Liberated team.

Get help fitting ANY sewing pattern

Mindful Wardrobe enrollment includes one year of membership in the Fitting Community. Bring your questions about how to fit sewing patterns (any patterns, not just those from Sew Liberated), and we will guide you through the best adjustments to make.

It is truly personalized help you can’t find anywhere else.

Hear from Mindful Wardrobe participants Kaitlyn and Nichole about their experience with the Fitting Community.

Tired of feeling confused about clothes, adrift in your style, and like you’re wasting time & money on clothes, fabric, and patterns that aren’t quite right?

Curate a closet that works for your body and your life – one you can feel good about.