Beyond Sewing Basics: Learn to Sew the Studio Tunic

This is the third course on the Learn to Sew Your Clothes learning path. Building on the basic skills learned in Sewing Basics 2 and Sewing Basics 1, you will learn to sew the Studio Tunic.

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Beyond Sewing Basics (Now Available!)

Project: Sew the Studio Tunic

A layering marvel, the Studio Tunic will be your go-to companion with leggings, jeans, over tees or under cropped sweaters. Pop it on as an apron in your art studio or workshop, or simply add it to any outfit, instantly upping your cool art teacher vibes. Did we mention you’ll love the pockets? Choose between scoop and v-neck options.

Skills learned:

  • Different kinds of interfacing, and how to work with them
  • How (and why) to staystitch
  • How to grade between sizes
  • How to understitch
  • How to sew pleats
  • How to sew French seams
  • How to sew shaped facings
  • How to sew patch pockets
  • Topstitching skills

Course Content

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Course Includes

  • 7 Modules
  • 44 Lessons