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A person sits on the floor, with only her handmade socks, a cup of tea, and two books on visible.

We're so glad you're here, but this online community page is reserved for members of the Handmade Collective and/or students enrolled in one of our courses. (If you think you should have access, you may need to login. If that doesn't solve it, please contact us.)

Through our sewing classes and our online community (called the "Handmade Collective" - available early Spring 2022), we are here to accompany you and provide support through your sewing journey.

For sewing classes for beginners and those looking to solidify their grasp of sewing fundamentals, we created the Learn to Sew Your Clothes learning path, led by long-time sewing teacher Shaerie Mead and Sew Liberated's founder Meg McElwee. Infused with the values of mindful self-care, this course guides you to a confident, creative sewing practice.

Beginner, intermediate, or advanced, all sewists have to wear their clothes. The Mindful Wardrobe Project is a course that takes you from confident sewing to confident dressing. Led by Meg McElwee, this course gives you a step-by-step path to define your style, curate your closet, and craft a sewing plan. Students learn to sew a cohesive wardrobe as a practice of self-care.

And, coming in late Spring 2022, we will offer a patternmaking course for intermediate sewists, called The Creative Hinterland, which will teach you how to make creative changes to garment patterns. Sew Liberated's brilliant and kind patternmaker, Judith Henrikson, will walk you through drafting 12 hacks to our popular Hinterland Dress pattern - and teach you useful, universally applicable patternmaking techniques in the process.

All of these sewing courses come with dedicated online communities, but in addition, we offer a vibrant community of fiber arts enthusiasts called the Handmade Collective. In this private online community, free from ads or the manipulations of social media, you can commune with kindred spirits, join video hangouts led by Meg, participate in creative challenges, and otherwise find support in your creative projects.

Or perhaps you were looking for our blog, free tutorials, or sewing patterns. If so, we hope you find them, and find them useful.