Luminaries Quilt Pattern


Whether you fall asleep under a field of stars or let the starlight glow on your table top with a simple table runner, Luminaries will let your quilting light shine!

This PDF quilt pattern is free for everyone. (What is a PDF pattern?)


The  Luminaries Quilt design plays light against dark, allowing you to use a simple palette of three colors to make the design truly pop, or use an entire collection of your favorite fabrics for a quilt filled with vibrant stars. Precise measuring and trimming is the key to making these stars twinkle. The small triangles may seem challenging, but with all straight seaming this project is one that even a beginning quilter can sew with success.

This is a PDF sewing pattern, available to download immediately after purchase. (What is a PDF pattern?)

All fabric requirements are based on 44″ (112cm) wide fabric


  • background fabric- 9 yd/8.2m
  • light star fabric- 3.5 yd/3.2m
  • dark star fabric- 3.5 yd/3.2m
  • backing fabric-8.75 yd/8m*
  • binding fabric- 1 yd/0.9m
  • batting- 120″ x 120″/3m x 3m


  • background fabric- 7 yd/6.4m
  • light star fabric- 2.5 yd/2.3m
  • dark star fabric- 2.5 yd/2.3m
  • backing fabric-7/25 yd/6.6m
  • binding fabric- 0.875 yd/o.8m
  • batting- 90″ x 180″/2.3m x 2.7m

*for the king size you can substitute 3 yards of 108″ wide backing fabrics


  • background fabric- 5.875 yd/5.4m
  • light star fabric- 2.25 yd/2.1m
  • dark star fabric- 2.25 yd/2.1m
  • backing fabric-5.25 yd/4.8m
  • binding fabric- 0.875 yd/0.8m
  • batting- 81″ x 96″/2.1m x 2.4m


  • background fabric- 5 yd/4.6m
  • light star fabric- 2 yd/1.8m
  • dark star fabric- 2 yd/1.6m
  • backing fabric- 5.25 yd/4.8m
  • binding fabric- 0.875 yd/0.8m
  • batting- 72″ x 90″/1.8m x 2.3m


  • background fabric- 1.75 yd/1.6m
  • light star fabric- 0.75 yd/0.7m
  • dark star fabric- 0.75 yd/0.7m
  • backing fabric- 1.875 yd/1.7m
  • binding fabric- 0.75 yd/0.7m
  • batting- 45″ x 60″/1.1m x 1.5m


  • coordinating thread
  • scissor, pins, iron
  • quilter’s gridded ruler
  • rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • measuring tape
  • heavy cardboard or other material for pattern piece templates