9 Simple Hinterland Dress Outfit Ideas

How to style a sleeveless Hinterland dress

A wardrobe essential: the Hinterland Dress

Join Meg and me as we share a few of our favorite Hinterland Dress outfit ideas.

Both of us consider our Hinterland Dresses to be wardrobe stables, like jeans and a t-shirt, and we are always playing with new ways to wear them, and pulling other favorite items for laying, accessorizing, and just having fun when getting dressed. For both of us, the key to putting together outfits and developing personal style is a sense of adventure. Pull together pieces and colors you love, think about what makes you feel good, or feel a little extra special, and wear those pieces in different combinations as you narrow down what you really love.

For this video, Meg styles a green linen, sleeveless, placket-free Hinterland Dress with a midi skirt, and short-sleeved rainbow plaid placket-free Hinterland Dress with a short skirt. I style a cotton flannel, full-placket, 3/4-length sleeve, midi-length Hinterland Dress.

How to style a sleeveless Hinterland dress

Meg’s Hinterland Dress outfit ideas

  1. Sleeveless Hinterland Dress over a thrifted blouse, with sneakers
  2. Thrifted lace blouse over a sleeveless Hinterland Dress, tied in back, with cowboy boots
  3. Sleeveless Hinterland Dress over a Bedrock tee and cuffed jeans, with a knit hat and high tops
  4. Sleeveless Hinterland Dress with knit hat, tights, boots, and a Lichen Duster
  5. Short Sleeved Hinterland Dress over jeans, with a thrift jacket and boots

Meredith’s Hinterland Dress outfit ideas

  1. Flannel Hinterland Dress with a floppy wool hat and clogs
  2. Flannel Hinterland Dress with Minimalist Cable Cardi and flats
  3. Flannel Hinterland Dress with tights, boots, and a Nurtured Sweater
  4. Flannel Hinterland Dress with tights, clogs, and a knit hat

We hope that you gain a little styling inspiration from this video! The biggest takeaway: it’s hard to get bored with a Hinterland Dress. There are just so many options for making and wearing!


Uncover and celebrate your hidden creative strengths, understand your roadblocks, and get personalized guidance on your sewing journey.

Meg wears a white top with black Arthur Pants
Ashley, Meg and Pam smile together wearing Lichen Dusters

We have two online courses all about the Hinterland Dress

Fit and Sew Bodices: The Hinterland is perfect for confident beginners to intermediate sewists looking to learn all about fitting a bodice and sewing a Hinterland Dress. This course takes your through every step of fitting and sewing your Hinterland.

The Creative Hinterland is a pattern making course for intermediate to advanced sewists. This course teaches you the skills you need to modify sewing patterns to your liking, bringing a spirit of playfulness to your sewing hobby and your closet. It includes 12 different hacks of the Hinterland Dress.


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  1. The Hinterland Dress is EVERYTHING in my wardrobe. I wear my Hinterlands all year round here in Australia. Love this video, thanks for the inspiration & all that you do! I’m looking forward to sewing a Lichen duster for next autumn/winter so I can wear it over my Hinterlands with tights. Minimal effort but so lovely (and comfy!) I love every single one of these outfits so thanks for suffering through the heat to model your gorgeous knitted jumpers & tights. You may have felt hot, yet you managed to look very cool and calm… how? teach me your secrets 😀 x

    1. Oh, thank you, Lauren – I’m happy to hear that you’ve found your Hinterland to be so useful. I think you’ll really love layering it under a Lichen.

      And I don’t know about cool and calm … any coolness was thanks to the air conditioning. 😉 Those lights for filming are intense!

  2. I’ve been searching for the perfect gathered waist dress to build my wardrobe on – have tried the Hope dress and Montana midi from StyleArc, the Charlie from Hubbading, the Chamomile…. Hoping the Hinterland is it!

  3. Loved seeing these styling tips. Great to have clarification about the TWO Hinterland courses. I am following along with Shaerie and Sophia so the bodice fitting will be next for me. I can’t even tell you how much I have enjoyed your courses! My sister and I did the Studio Tunic together and now we are waiting impatiently for the Hinterland. She lives in California and I live in Ohio:) Thank you so much for all your inspiration!

  4. OH my goodness, THAT blouse Meg!!!! Please make a pattern, I gotta have sth like that!! This was really enjoyable!! I must try another Hinterland. Unfortunately my first one didn’t turn out that great. It’s way too big on me, even though I painstakingly took exact measurements to choose the right size!

  5. I’ll be planning for a couple of holidays and I love this idea! I do wear my Hinterland’s layered and unlayered across the seasons so will be definitely factor this in to my planning and packing!

  6. I’m preparing to make my first Hinterland this week! As a “confident beginner” to garments (with a 20 year background in quilting/piecing) I’m going for a sleeveless/placket free in a mid-weight navy linen, for easy layering in the next season. Just a quick fitting question, though: If my full bust measurement is 42″ish but my waist is in the low 30s, is that too far to grade? Should I go for a FBA instead?

    1. Yes, I do think an FBA is a good start – you’ll have a much better shoulder fit. If use your high bust plus 3 as your “pretend” full bust, you’re likely around size 12 or 14. And, you know I have to say it…. please make a muslin! It’s vital to checking your fit before cutting into your good fabric. You’re welcome to reach out to me directly if you have questions, Allison!

      1. Thanks, Judith! Don’t worry, I’m definitely going to make a muslin! One of the main reasons I wanted to start making my own garments is that it’s difficult to find things that fit well! I’m 5 feet tall but curvy as hell, so nearly all store-bought garments are ill-fitting in some way or other. Very excited to start this journey to my dream sustainable wardrobe. Thanks again 🖤

  7. I love the idea of the Hinterland dress and lagenlook style in general… but I happen to know that that style (natural waisted, gathered-skirt, blousy/relaxed fit) of clothing looks horrible on my body type. My body only looks good in clean tailored lines. So… how can I interpret this for me?

    1. Hi Patty,

      You might want to check out our Creative Hinterland course. It is all about hacking and adapting the Hinterland pattern to suit your style.

  8. I want to make a placket free hinterland dress. The instructions say to simply cut the front bodice piece on the fold. I am confused on how that would work. Won’t my front piece be too big? A dress with plackets must have seams on either sides that I would need to allow for, right?

    1. Hi Amy,
      Because of how the Hinterland Dress is drafted, the plackets overlap in such a way as to be the same measurement as if the piece is cut on the fold. You don’t need to add or subtract anything for it to work.
      Happy Sewing!