Favorite Fabrics for the Cosecha Pants Pattern

Showing fabric for cosecha, Ashley and Meg laugh together. Ashley wears yellow Cosecha pants and a chambray shirt, Meg wears blue checked Cosecha pants and a black tank and a red hat.

Because they are so versatile, with so many options, there are a lot of great fabrics for the Cosecha Pants sewing pattern, depending on which view you decide to make. For view A all of our favorite heavier fabrics are a possibility, from denim to canvas to twill. For view B look for something with more drape which can be gathered, like linen, lighter twills, or wool crepe.

Sometimes too much choice can feel overwhelming!

Especially if this is your first foray into sewing a structured pants pattern. After deciding between views A and B, think about where you’d like to wear your pants. Are you hoping to wear them to work in an office? Dress them up for nights out? Or wear them for day-to-day living, with tees and sweaters?

I wanted my Cosecha Pants to be a fun substitute for jeans, so I chose a medium blue upcycled denim. This shade goes with a lot of my wardrobe, and the straight-leg view fits my style, especially when paired with my hand-knit sweaters. 

If you want to add a fun pop color to your wardrobe Ventana twill comes in a wide range of fun shades and is an affordable, easy-to-work-with fabric suitable for either view (if you are very new to pants sewing, we’d recommend something a little lighter for the gathers on view B.) Ventana Twill is also a great choice for making a wearable muslin, something we recommend for any sewing pattern.

Meg wears the Cosecha Pants Sewing Pattern in black denim with a white sweater.
Meredith wears the Cosecha Pants Sewing Pattern in blue denim with a floral Stasia top

EWE Fine Fibers put together a great list of fabric for the Cosecha Pants. You can also get your sewing pattern printed and find all the notions that you need for you Cosecha Pants pattern.

Tester Inspiration

Our tester, Jessica, went with a fun printed twill for her Cosecha Pants, turning them into an eye-catching statement piece. And River color blocked two heavy-weight linens for another bold option. Mollie chose a 7 oz Robert Kauffman denim, very similar in weight to the Ventana twill for her pair. Martha used a bright wax print for her Cosecha Pants.


Meg made a denim pair and a wool crepe pair. Using wool elevates the Cosecha for more formal settings, like an office, or even a night out. And it is surprisingly soft and drapey! And the tiny houndstooth gives Meg’s pair a little bit of the unexpected, taking them from a trouser to a one-of-a-kind piece, right in line with Meg’s personal style.

Ashley’s pair (sewn by Shaerie) is made with linen twill, one of our very favorite fabrics. Linen twill is a little trickier to sew with, so we only recommend it for advanced sewists. For a similar look, a chambray will emphasize the drape of the leg and makes for a great transitional piece into Spring and even summer. It is also a great choice for easing gathering for the View B waistband. 

For more resources about buying fabric online, check out our handy guide

Whatever fabric you choose for your Cosecha Pants pattern, enjoy the process. Fitting and sewing pants can feel like magic, and we are here to help you along the way. Happy Sewing!


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