Me Made May Week 1

Meg wears a grey strata top, red estuary skirt, and brown sandals

Recently I received a letter from a dear friend which she ended with the line, “don’t forget, you’re attached to me through the fabric of the universe.” After so many months apart, it was a nice thing to consider and to feel fully, that we are all connected.

So much in our world works to make us forget this, to alienate us from one another. If asked why I sew and knit, I have a lot of answers, but the one that really stands out is to feel a stronger connection, to my clothes, to other makers, and to all those who labor to make all clothes, in factories, or in their homes. Making helps me to remember that this world is big, and that though our part in it may be small, we have each other. We are attached through the fabric of the universe.

And for sewists sometimes that takes the form of literal fabric

Me Made May is the perfect example of that connection. But I will admit that Me Made May hasn’t always felt that way for me. In the past I have easily let myself fall into the trap of comparison and competition. I felt jealous, and discouraged about my own making, as if it didn’t measure up or I didn’t have the right skills.

But by refocusing towards the community and connections that Me Made May makes possible, and less on the pressure to make what everyone else is making or to sew a lot of new things, I can now see that there is room for everyone, every style and skill level, and that there is always more to learn, in a good way.

This Me Made May I intend to wear and mend my favorite things, repeat outfits, style old standbys, and maybe add a couple of new things that I really want to make, for myself, not because I have anything to prove. I make things to feel connected to myself and to others, and this Me Made May that connection is my focus. -Meredith

Meg’s Me Made May Week 1

Photo 1: Green linen Hinterland Dress worn underneath a handknit Tegna sweater, paired with thrifted boots.

I found the warm green and pink to be a fun, new color pairing for me, and as always, my cropped Tegna sweater plays so well with all of my Hinterland Dresses. We added about 6 inches of width to the skirt of this particular Hinterland, and it really ups the fairy forest vibe I was going for. And those boots! How about that – I had been searching for something similar for several years, and finally found something in my size searching for “vintage cowboy boots” on Etsy.

Photo 2: Rust linen Arthur Pants + vintage lace top + Sutro boots.

This lace undershirt is from the early 1900’s and has been mended in a few spots. I love how it looks worn with my Arthurs. I wore this with a jean jacket this week as the cropped top is rather sheer, but I’m planning to up my undergarment game – maybe layering the sheer top over a cropped yoga sports bra that can double as actual workout gear.

Photo 3: Gemma Tank in Nani Iro linen + Winslow Culottes in a viscose linen blend.

I’ve had both of these pieces in my wardrobe for years, and they are warm weather staples that I can always reach for if I feel like I just can’t … like the morning stupor after having dealt with two bats that had flown into an open window in our bedroom while we slept, a house cat who experienced the best night of her life, and tired parents who had to share small beds with their kids while they waited for the bats to find their way back out. Ha! We all need pieces that are automatic wins in such circumstances.

Photo 4: Estuary Skirt in block printed raw silk + sand washed rayon Strata Top

Again, favorites. I brought these pieces with me on our summer trip to Europe in 2019 as part of a 10 piece capsule wardrobe that fit in my Desmond Backpack. The silk is just as beautiful now, almost two years and many, many wears later, as it was when I sewed the skirt.

Photo 5: Mended RTW jeans + thrifted lace top + Penny Pinafore

I felt very steampunk elegant in this outfit! It brought a playfulness to my day that I wasn’t expecting. I’m going to experiment more with layering cool tops under the Penny, especially as the weather gets hot and humid. I don’t currently have any form fitting tanks in my closet, so maybe I’ll make a few in anticipation of wearing my Penny (and Otis) through Summer.

Meredith’s Me Made May Week 1

Photo 1 : Mended jeans + Yellow Nurtured Sweater

The week started off pretty chilly, so I pulled out an old standby I knitted last year, my Nurtured sweater. I used a cotton-wool blend yarn, so this sweater is a great transition piece. Paired with my mended jeans, plus a bandana gifted from a friend, and a favorite necklace from The Big Crafty, makes for a cozy outfit on a dreary day.

Photo 2: Mended jeans + Ochre linen, hand embroidered Bellbird Blouse

I can’t say it warmed up much, but since I work from home, I could get away with pulling a wee bit of spring into my outfit with my Bellbird top, sewn last spring. Embroidery was the first craft I learned, and I love adding it to a simple silhouette to give the piece a little something special. Sometimes I like to wear layered necklaces since the front of this top is so plain, but I decided to pull out a pair of clay earrings from BR Design Co, a favorite small jewelry company.

Photo 3: Denim Persephone Pants + Be Thankful Cardigan

This cardigan has gotten me through the winter, and I am wearing it into Spring. It is my coziest piece to pull on for gray, cold morning, and Wednesday was was a dreary as it gets. I love the little flecks of color, and the cropped length sits perfectly with my Persephone Pants. My shoes aren’t pictured, and to be honest I was barefoot most of the day, but I did slip on a pair of bright red flats for running errands.

Photo 4: Simple Modern Sewing Wrap Dress + Winter Honey Shawl

The sun emerged and I just had to put on a dress, even thought the chill hasn’t quite left the air. This wrap dress from Simple Modern Sewing, by Shufu To Seikatsu Sha is a piece I reach for when I want something effortless, but still stylish. With my Winter Honey Shawl over my shoulders it was just warm enough for Maine spring.

Photo 5: Slim Hack Arenite Pants + Ogden Cami + denim jacket

I have been waiting and waiting for the day I could wear my Ogden cami and…to be honest I was a little cold. But I just love it with my linen Arenite Pants! This outfit is pure secret pajamas, and some day soon I won’t need to throw a denim jacket over it. But for now, if it means I can wear my favorite florals, the denim jacket is here to stay.


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  1. I’ve tried making the Ogden cami several times and it’s just.. wrong… every time I do it. I think I have to move on to another pattern :).

  2. What a great update! I will add one item to my wardrobe in May. Love this return to the blogging format. Thanks always for the inspiration.

  3. Did you ever do a post about the capsule you took on your Europe trip? I’ve seen you mention it a few times on your blog and now I’m DYING to know what you packed!!