Petrichor Pinafore Pattern

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The Petrichor Pinafore is many things: a sundress, a house dress, and a unique all-weather layering piece, thanks to its A-line shape, easy fit, and low armholes.

Perfect for days when you need to tune out your worries and let your belly and soul breathe, Petrichor gives your body ease, comfort, and a sprinkling of playfulness.

This is a PDF sewing pattern, available to download immediately after purchase.


The Petrichor Pinafore is a versatile, bohemian garment that will have you flinging off your sandals and walking barefoot along mossy forest streams, living out your hobbit dreams.

But don’t forget the huge pocketses! Thanks to them, you can easily carry your Second Breakfast as well as your Elevenses as you go about your bucolic life in The Shire.

View A is a knee length pinafore.

Petrichor Pinafore View A line drawing

Petrichor Pinafore View B line drawing

View B is a midi-length pinafore.

The Petrichor Pinafore sewing pattern includes pattern piece PDFs for printing at home or a print shop, in sizes 0-34.

The print-at-home files can be printed on letter- or A4-size paper. The print-shop files can be printed on A0-size paper, easily available at most print shops. The Petrichor Pinafore sewing pattern also includes projector files for those who have a sewing projector setup.

Petrichor Pinafore sewing pattern croquis

The Petrichor Pinafore sewing pattern is perfect for confident beginning sewists and above.

This is a PDF sewing pattern, available to download immediately after purchase. (What is a PDF pattern?)

Sizing Charts for the Petrichor Pinafore

Standard height of 5’5” (165 cm), dressmaker’s cup size C.


In our photos, Meg is 5’3″ with a 35″ bust, 28″ waist, and 37″ hips. She wears a size 6.

Ashley is 5’10” with a 49.5″ bust, 45″ waist, and 57″ hips. She wears a size 28.

Meredith is 5’4″ with a 34″ bust,  27″ waist, and 35″ hips. She wears a size 4.

Fabric Recommendations

Petrichor makes friends effortlessly with mid-weight woven fabrics with plenty of drape. Soft, washed linens, linen-rayon blends, and silk noil are all good choices.

Avoid crisp cottons such as poplin and quilting cotton, as well as heavier weight fabrics such as canvas, as these fabrics do not play well with the yoke gathers.

We have a longer blog post with many more fabric ideas. And EWE Fibers has put together a collection of fabric just for the Petrichor Pinafore!

Fabric requirements

These are the requirements for 54″ (137 cm) wide fabric, cut on the fold. For narrower fabrics, see our alternative cutting layout tutorial.

Sizes 0-24Sizes 22-34
View A (shorter)2 yd (1.9 m)2.4 yd (2.2 m)
View B (longer)2.4 yd (2.2 m)2.75 yd (2.5 m)

Other Notions

  • 1/2 yd (0.5 m) of lightweight fusible interfacing
  • matching thread

Here are the Finished Garment Measurements. See the instructions for thorough fitting advice.

Finished Measurements for the Petrichor Pinafore

* Waist is measured 1” (2.5 cm) below arm openings

** Front Length is a straight, vertical measurement from high point shoulder, at the strap, to the hem.

Waist*45 3⁄446 3⁄447 3⁄448 3⁄449 3⁄450 3⁄452 1⁄453 3⁄455 1⁄457 1⁄459 1⁄261 1⁄463 1⁄465 1⁄467 1⁄469 1⁄471 1⁄473 1⁄4
Hem View A60616263646566 1⁄26869 1⁄271 1⁄273 1⁄275 1⁄277 1⁄279 3⁄481 3⁄483 3⁄485 3⁄487 3⁄4
Hem View B64656667686970 1⁄27273 1⁄275 1⁄277 1⁄279 1⁄281 1⁄283 1⁄285 1⁄287 1⁄289 1⁄291 1⁄2
Front Length View A**34 5⁄83535 1⁄435 5⁄835 7⁄836 1⁄436 1⁄236 7⁄837 1⁄837 1⁄237 3⁄438 1⁄838 3⁄838 3⁄43939 3⁄839 5⁄840
Front Length View B**41 3⁄841 3⁄44242 3⁄842 5⁄84343 1⁄443 5⁄843 7⁄844 1⁄444 1⁄244 7⁄845 1⁄845 1⁄245 3⁄446 1⁄846 3⁄846 3⁄4
Hem View A152.5155157.5160162.5165169172.5176.5181.5186.5192197202.5207.5212.5218223
Hem View B162.5165167.5170172.5175.5179183186.5192197202207212217222.5227.5232.5
Front Length View A**888989.590.5919292.593.594.595.5969797.598.599100100.5101.5
Front Length View B**105106106.5107.5108.5109110111111.5112.5113114114.5115.5116117118118.5

Petrichor Pinafore Resources

Looking for fitting advice and adjustments? Shaerie guides you through some common fit changes on the blog.

She also provides a tutorial for using a narrower fabric for you Petrichor.

Speaking of fabric, we have a post full of inspiration on the blog! And our friends at EWE Fine Fibers have put together a curated collection to get you started.

Fabric Type




Size Range

0-20, 0-24, 26-34

Skill Level

Beginner, Confident Beginner

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