Customizing the fit of your Studio Tunic

Meg wearing a caramel-colored Studio Tunic, with yarn filling her pockets.

Learn how to get your perfect fit

Meg wearing a caramel-colored Studio Tunic, with yarn filling her pockets.

The Studio Tunic is your canvas to bring your own creative vision to life! You can opt to size down at the top for a more fitted look, grading out to your regular size at the hips (like I did in this soft, caramel linen twill version) or you can make a straight size to assure your tunic will layer well over a sweater.

You can also easily lengthen or shorten the tunic to your preference.

In the above video, Judith gives you tips on how to choose your Studio Tunic size, demonstrates how to grade (or blend) between sizes for a better fit though the hips, and shows you how to change the shape of the armholes and neckline to achieve your desired silhouette, drafting your own set of facings in the process.

Remember to start with a good set of updated body measurements, and before you know it, you’ll have a basic understanding of the patternmaking skills needed to draft your own facings … followed by your very own bespoke Studio Tunic!

The Studio Tunic online sewing course

If you are looking for a more in-depth sewing course, designed to replicate the kind of quality instruction you would get at your local sewing shop, check out our online course, Beyond Sewing Basics. In it, you will learn alongside our course student, Sophia, as she makes the Studio Tunic – sewing her first French seams, facings, patch pockets and much more. Plus, you’ll be taking the course alongside others, so you’ll make new sewing friends, get personalized support, and get cheered on as you make your Studio Tunic! (The digital pattern is included for course participants.)

Learn more about the online course, Beyond Sewing Basics: Sew the Studio Tunic.


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  1. Judith, you are an amazing teacher. It’s one thing to have the knowledge and an entirely different skill to impart that knowledge clearly, which you absolutely do. I’m so thankful for this tutorial!

  2. I am about to start on this, but I’m stumped as to how to go from a size 6 bust to a size 10/12 waist and hip (I’m right in between those sizes so am hoping going to the 10 will work since it’s a roomy fit). I’m not sure exactly where the waist is and feel like I must be missing it on the pattern or need to measure down so far. Is it too extreme of a size difference?

    1. Excellent question, Lindsey! I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to even use a 6-8 combination, since the hip intentionally has plenty of wearing ease. I’m guessing your hip is 39″-ish. The finished waist is measured 1″ below the armscye (it’s an exaggerated shape, so this is true only for the Studio tunic, see the notes right below the finished measurements charts), and the finished waist circumference is 44″ on size 8, 45″ on size 10. The finished hip isn’t listed, since the hem circumference is pretty nearby, but I know from the charts that the body msmts are 8.5″ difference between waist and hip, so I can estimate that the hip will be around 50 to 51″ on size 8, and around 52″ on size 10. So no, it’s not too much of a difference to blend between 6 and 10, but I do think that a 6-8 combination will likely be fine. Are you planning on making a muslin? That’s the most effective way to test out the fit, so I do encourage it, especially if you blend 6-10. Then you can check your work nad make sure you’re happy with the new side seam shaping.
      Feel free to email if you need some extra help 🙂

      1. Thank you SO much! I do plan to make a muslin (I’m really trying to be intentional with my projects now!) but time is so precious and I have only done super basic pattern changes so was nervous to try this. I think I can go with the 8 though, which is a relief! Thank you again!

  3. I purchased the Studio Tunic pattern a while ago, and am just now getting into the lane to make it. I thought there were some instructions included with the pattern, but I only found the files for Home Printing and Studio Printing. Did I misplace another part of the download?

  4. You mention starting with the bust measurement because if it is smallest, the shoulders might be too broad if you go with the waist/hip measurements. What if I’m the other way around? Should I go with my hip measurement if it is smaller than my bust measurement? I’m a 20 bust, 18 waist, 16 hip.