The Cosecha Pants are here!

Meg, Ashley, and Meredith laugh together, crouched down, wearing cosecha pants.

When we first dreamed up the Cosecha Pants we envisioned a trouser that went beyond the basics and brought a little bit of effortlessly cool style to everyday pants. We also wanted to create a sewing pattern that would be a good introduction to fitting for sewists who haven’t tried sewing more structured pants before. And these two aims met to bring you all the Cosecha Pants! Not quite a jean, not quite a trouser, this sewing pattern has two leg options, two waistband choices, so many pockets, and even optional knee patches. Add in a side zipper and button closure and you have our new favorite pants. 

The Cosecha Pants are suitable for a variety of woven fabrics.

Ashley wears view B in a drapey linen twill, Meg wears view A in black denim, and view B in wool crepe. Meredith wears view A in 10 oz denim

Our testers chose 7 oz twill, 10 oz denim, wax print, heavy canvas, and linen/cotton blends for their Cosecha Pants. 

If this is your first time making a structured pants pattern, Ventana twill or something similar is a great choice. It is an affordable fabric that is easy to sew. If you are looking for more of a challenge and have experience with thicker fabrics, this upcycled denim is a beautiful option. Even a fine wale corduroy or canvas would be interesting!

If you choose view B with the elastic back, take the amount of gathering into consideration – a linen twill or chambray will be able to gather nicely without bunching or being difficult to sew. Our friends at EWE Fine Fibers have put together a list of curated options for any view you choose. You can also get your pattern printed and find all the notions you need at EWE. And make sure when you start you have a fresh jeans needle on your machine! The right needle can make all the difference when working with thick fabrics. 

Not sure what size to make?

Judith is here to help. She has a helpful guide for fitting your Cosecha Pants and one for blending between sizes

The Cosecha Pants sewing pattern is the culmination of many trouser-y dreams, pocket wishes, and a whole series of sketches. We love these pants and we hope you will too! 


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  1. Hello! I love the cosecha pants! I’d like to know if it’s possible to mix view A and B (the fitted waist + the wide legs)? Thank you so much for your help