How to Print Pattern Pieces with

Sewing machine with printed PDF sewing pattern sheets.

We have a full tutorial on using digital sewing patterns over here, if that is what you are looking for.

This post includes some tips on printing full-scale pattern piece sheets at PDF Plotting.

For PDF Plotting, if you are willing to wait and print three (or more) PDF (digital) patterns at once, the price per pattern will be between $1.20 and $3.75, plus $7 per order for shipping. (That’s where it becomes a better deal to print of many patterns at once, to offset the shipping cost.) I recently spent $15 to print and ship three patterns to my door. My order arrived 2 business days after I placed it, and the patterns were printed on quality paper and shipped in a roll so there were no creases to iron out.

To place an order, you’ll need to first download the digital pattern. Some files, like those from Sew Liberated, are delivered as a zip file, which means that the files are compressed in order to be sent over email. You will need to extract the files (follow the instructions for your computer’s operating system by asking Google. It’s as simple as pressing the “Extract” button on my system, for example.) Once you have your files extracted and saved to your hard drive, determine the size of the files you need to print. All of Sew Liberated’s print shop files are sized either A0 (33.1″ x 46.8″), A1 (33.1″ x 23.4″), or other 36” wide version. The file size is stated in the pattern’s file name, for example, “PRINT-SHOP-Estuary-36×72” and on the first page of the instructions. Head to and click on “B&W Prints.”

Add the pattern to your cart, then click on “Continue Shopping.” There is a $7.49 cart minimum, so add those other patterns you’ve had languishing on your hard drive  (or pick up a few new ones you’ve had your eyes on!)

If you have any additional questions about printing with PDF Plotting, you can check out their very detailed FAQ page here.

And of course, if you need any extra help, please don’t hesitate to write us at We’re here for you!



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