Sewing Basics 2 is here!

Meredith wearing a yellow Nocturne Top.

Take the next step in your sewing journey by making the Nocturne Top in Sewing Basics 2, the third course in our Sew Your Clothes Learning Path. Join Shaerie, Sophia, and Meg to learn about making a test muslin, sewing in a sleeve, sewing a yoke, and sewing gathers. 

If you took Sewing Basics 1, this course picks up right where you left off

If you are joining us for the first time, welcome! This course is great if you know how to use your machine, have made a couple projects, and want to expand or refresh your skills. 

Meredith wearing a yellow Nocturne Top.

The Nocturne Top completes the Nocturne Pajama set. But depending on your choice of fabric it can also be a great every day top. You might find you can’t stop at just making one! Which is a good thing, because that’s how we get better at sewing. 

In addition to a series of videos guiding you through every step, Sewing Basics 2 includes membership in our Learn to Sew online community, where you can ask questions, post progress pictures, meet other new sewists, and get inspiration. There’s even a group all about the Nocturne Top to help keep you motivated to finish your project. 

We have put so much love and care into these courses, and it has truly been our pleasure to help more people learn to sew. Making your clothes can be a revolutionary act for your body and for the earth. We hope we can help be a part of that journey with you. 

The Nocturne Top is designed, like the Nocturne Pants, with beginners in mind

But it is a great project for sewists of all levels. The yoke constructions provides opportunities to experiment with color blocking, embroidery, or even a bit of patchwork.

The skills from Sewing Basics 2 will serve you well for a number of projects and help you grow in confidence as a garment sewist. It feels amazing to make a garment yourself, to learn how make it fit, and to customize it to be a one of a kind piece. Sewing Basics 2 is the next step on the journey to a handmade closet, and we can’t wait to cheer you on. Learn more about the Sew Your Clothes path here.


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